.. out this time, is my interpretation from Stuck in Sketches, with a picture from Fathers Day, 2 fathers and 2 sons ;-), 
the sketch:
and my version:
I have always wondered when to use that tape, with the mustaches, it was made to be here !

Next alster, is my contribution to "Veckans Skiss" #90, 
and the pictures are from a friends 40 birthday party ( from sept 2015 )
when e and n is up, then you have to take to the options this case, 
this time it was 3 and u got to be of service ;-)
The theme on the party was headdress of some kind ... but that was maybe obvious ;-)


Postat av: Anonym

Härlig layout och en fin tolkning av skissen, gillar färgerna och det glada fotot. Tack för att du är med och tolkar VS!

2015-12-22 @ 09:08:15
Postat av: Åsa Johansson

Fin tolkning av skissen! Tack för att du är med och tolkar VS och God Jul! Kram Åsa

2015-12-22 @ 13:53:36

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