Long time...

.. no scrap... 
but, here we go !
The scetch is from "Stuck Sketches - 1st challenge November"
and my version, is with phots from the Scrapevent in Gothenburg "Meet & Greet" togheter with my friend LiseLotte, and the title translated is " who got the glass whith holes in the bottom"..... ;-)

Blog "on loan"...

... to my very best Scrap-friend ;-)
we had a very nice scrap-evening, and used this sketch from "Stuck" as a challenge, 
this is the sketch:
And this is LiseLottes really nice version !
( since she doesn´t have a blog on here own, she present it here so she´s able to link up ;) )

AW ...

.. in the boat... premiere for 2016 !!!
season is close.... :-)
sketch from Stuch Sketches -

March 1 2016 Challenge Reveal 

, and me and my very best scrap-friend, had a very nice evening yesterday, with challenges and dinner :-) so, one of the challenges was this sketch, and just for adding som extra "spice", it was supposed to be monocrome... and, the pictures, was from last friday when we had the very first AW in the sun onboard my dear "Happie" ...
the sketch:
And my version... I choosed blue ;-)
That was all for now :-)


.. pictures from India...
sketch from Stuck - February 15 2016 Challenge
looks like:
and my version....
Have a nice day :-)


... in Bangalore, and this is how it looks like on the outside of the office, and, also a picture from the lunch with the team that we have there !
Sketch, from Stuck Sketches - Feb 1 Challenge:
and my version:


... I really feel proud and flattered, my LO of Kaos (Chaos.. ) is appointed as featured :-) at Stuck Sketches !!
"Happie Pyssel is our featured artist today. Her frosty page features gorgeous photos of her recent extra-long, extra-snowy drive to work. I had to make myself a mug of cocoa after seeing her beautiful page!"
That made my day :-)


.. in the traffic the other morning... when we got 3 dm of new, white, fresh and lovely snow ! but, not so lowely for driving... it took me 2 hours and 28 minutes to get to work, normally it takes 1 hour...
so, I had time to take pictures during the ride ;-)
the pictures was perfect for "Sketches January 15 2016 Challenge" that looks like this:
and my version:
 Have a nice friday !


.. sketch again !! but this time, it isn´t sun and bath, it is snow and bath :-) 
the pictures are from this weekend, when we went on SPA in Marstrand, and were sitting outside in a warm bath at the same time as it was snoing... and my crazy love, also took a bath in the sea... 1,5 degrees Celcius ! and then roling in the snow.. say no more :-)
the sketch:
and my new version:
so, instead of flowers, I used snowflakes ;-)


.. and bath... yes, that´s what the pictures are showing, and they are from a very very long time ago ;-) ... the year was 1991 ... and the dog, was our loved "Tini" ( Andénas Jasmine - our own breeding ) and she was our last german shepard, and she was really one of a kind, everyone loved here !
this time I made a double LO, so I used the sketch for both sides, and the sketch is from Stuck Sketches, and looks like this:
my interpretation, the left side:
and the right side:
Have a great day ! and a Happy 2016 :-)


.. in sketches, has really inspiring sketches !! at least the inspire me to work a "little bit more" on my Layouts ! The sketch I have used, is December 1 2015 Challenge Featured Layout #1 :
and my verison:
where "Pyssel" = craft
it´s from the last weekend when we were making som christmas-crafting... 
I used stamped lights instead of the flower... but, I tried to follow the sketch as much as possible !
Have a nice day :-)


.. after a scrap-event,me and my mest scrap-friend, is always creating a LO from the event, based on the same photos, and this time, we used "Stuck in Sketches" october 15´s sktech and also the same titel, normally, our layouts looks very different, even if we have the same photos, sketch ... but this time, they are really similar !!
The sketch:
Lise Lotte´s version:
she choosed to have the titel in Swedish, and the photos in colour....
and this is mine:
The funny thing was that we both had sirts with a big star on, nothing wh had made up before we met...., so this sketch was perfect for this photos in many ways :)


... LO´s are more or less "self-scrapping", this one, was one of them :-)
the paper was made for this, and the pictures, respresent my first horse - Tristan, and are taken 1986 !

The sketch is from Stuck Sketches and looks like:
and my version :
That was all for now !


... inspiring site found !!!
me and my sketches.... :-)
This is the sketch, for September from the "new" site - Stuck?! Sketches
I tried to follow it quite well :-), and this is my version:
and, amazing, I did "the other side" to this, without sketch ;-)
The pictures are taken on our sailing on the Swedish westcoast this summer, and these ones are from a place called "Soten Canal".
Togheter, they look like this:
That was all for today !

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