AW ...

.. in the boat... premiere for 2016 !!!
season is close.... :-)
sketch from Stuch Sketches -

March 1 2016 Challenge Reveal 

, and me and my very best scrap-friend, had a very nice evening yesterday, with challenges and dinner :-) so, one of the challenges was this sketch, and just for adding som extra "spice", it was supposed to be monocrome... and, the pictures, was from last friday when we had the very first AW in the sun onboard my dear "Happie" ...
the sketch:
And my version... I choosed blue ;-)
That was all for now :-)

Postat av: Dana Tatar

I love this monochromatic design! Thanks for joining us at Stuck?! Sketches! :)

2016-03-10 @ 15:50:21

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